Well Drilling in Western North Carolina

We are YOUR 1ST CHOICE in well drilling. 

We understand well digging, inside and out. From the simple to the complex, we’ve got you covered. We are fully credentialed, licensed, and insured to ensure you have the best quality water possible on your property.

A 1st Choice Well provides a turnkey well drilling job to help you determine the best location for your well, the size of the proper pump, and—if necessary—the best water treatment necessary for your residence or business.

Here in greater-Asheville, North Carolina, we drill our wells into the bedrock, tapping the cracks in the rock that carry underground water supply. We utilize the best drilling equipment as the estimated bedrock depth can be anywhere from 100 feet to 1,000 feet below your topsoil.

After drilling, we install casing, and your water pump to carry the water from the bottom of your well to the surface for use. Proper casing is one of the most important steps in this process to ensure your water remains clean and free from underground water contaminates. 

At A 1st Choice Well Service, we are dedicated to provide the best efforts to meet your needs, to provide you with a new or improved well water system.

Call us today, so our friendly staff can help you get the water you need.

When Quality Matters, Make Us Your 1st Choice.